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‘Serikali saidia’ woman lands lucrative Safaricom advert

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They laughed at her and even mocked her. She even became an object of caricature and featured in music lyrics.

Now Jane Onyango Adika, the woman of “Serikali Sadia’ fame, has a reason to smile, thanks to a new Safaricom advertising campaign that features ordinary Kenyans whose unique situations became the talk of town from the way they explained themselves out.

Ms Adika is among three other so-called ‘funny’ witnesses who have are featuring in Storo Ibambe ad campaign. The latest Safaricom advert features four faces that gained popularity for their dramatic eyewitness accounts of a robbery, floods, a road accident and kidnapping respectively.

Jane Anyango Adika is famous for her distress call ‘Tunaomba serikali saidia, tuko mbaya sana‘? Other faces to feature in the adverts are former street boy James Kang’ethe aka Bonoko, now a presenter at Ghetto Radio, who witnessed a robbery incident in Nairobi.
Joseph Mburu, also known as Jose the Witnesser and famous for his line ‘ni kama drama, ni kama video‘, is also part of the new Safaricom adverts and his TVC (TV commercial)  is already airing.

Alice Wambui, the kifi kifi woman who witnessed a kidnap attempt and became a sensation in popular shows like NTV’s Bulls Eye, will also feature in the adverts. The concept behind the latest Safaricom promotion is to have popular eyewitnesses give testimonies of the benefits of the bonus airtime.

The four are expected to mint thousands from the promotion that will appear on newspapers as well as on television and radio. TV as well as Print adverts have already started running in newspapers, with the four featured speaking on phone.


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Post source : Nairobi news

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