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Senior police officers in Wajir South sent home

By Nepjournal Correspondent

IG, David Kimaiyo

IG, David Kimaiyo

Inspector General David Kimaiyo has interdicted several senior police officers in Kericho, Kiambu and Wajir counties. The officers were found to have engaged in professional misconduct.

In a press statement that Nepjournal got a copy, The IG has cracked the whip on the officers on different accounts of negligence of duty.

In Wajir South, those sent home are:

  1. The OCPD Wajir South, SSP Paul Munene Mwangi
  2. AP Sergeant Abbey Meti
  3. AP Corporal Mohamed A. Abdullahi

These officers were negatively involved in the disappearance of 147 bags of sugar which had been seized after they had been illegally brought into the country.

In Kericho, those interdicted were found to have been compromised and released 2,000 stones of bhang which was being held as exhibit.

Police Constable Job Ndhiwa of Kanyariri Police Post in Kiabu County was found to have unlawfully discharged his firearm. An act that amounts to misuse of firearms and the powers vested onto him that resulted to the needless injury of three members of the public.

The Inspector General said that while on interdiction, investigation will be conducted to determine their culpability and subsequent suitability in relation to the offences they have committed.

If found guilty, they will be charged in the court of law, besides being dismissed from the Service with loss of all terminal benefits.

The IG cautioned all police officers that his office will not hesitate to deal firmly with any errant officers who will engage themselves in any behavior or tendencies which go against the ethics and oath of office of the National Police Service.

“This is just the beginning, and I must say that officers must be ready to be answerable to their actions particularly where such actions amount to breaking the law” said Mr. Kimaiyo.

The IG at the same time commended all those officers who continue to discharge their duties diligently and with commitment.

“My office acknowledges their daily act of selflessness, where they continue to work around the clock to ensure that our people are safe and secure” he said.

He urged them to uphold this spirit of patriotism to duty and always live up to the expectations of the people.


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