Senate committee on devolution visits Wajir to asses impacts of the new system of governance

By NepJournal March 30, 2015 17:43

Senate committee on devolution visits Wajir to asses impacts of the new system of governance

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Senate Committee on Devolution led by their Chairman Kipchumba Murkomen today came to Wajir to assess the gains of devolution for the two years of existence.

The senators met with the executive, the Wajir county assembly leaders and the County Commissioner before visiting on-going county development projects such as the County headquarters, Soko-Mjinga II ultra-modern market and the ICT center.

The executive led by the Deputy Governor H.E Abdihafid Yarrow, the County Secretary, Heads of departments and members of the Public Service Board took the senators through a presentation on the achievements and the on-going development projects plus some of the challenges the county was facing.

Kipchumba Murkomen said he was impressed with the work of the county and urged all the other leaders both at national and county level to work together for the purpose of developing Wajir County.

“I’m happy with all the development projects that this county has done and those that are underway. I want to urge all the leaders in both levels of government to work together to improve the lives of the citizens”

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Wajir county senator Abdulrahman Hassan challenged the Central Government to hasten the rate at which funds are released from the treasury to avoid delaying development in the counties.

On visiting the county assembly, the senators advised Members to take their oversight role very seriously and further stressed on the importance of co-operation between the Senate and the County assemblies.

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Hon. Murkomen stressed on the role of the MCAs in the prevention of devolution of corruption from the central government to the Counties and requested the members to appreciate their constitutional role.

Others in the delegation were Senate deputy majority leader Beatrice Elachi, Janet Ongera and Trans Nzoia senator Henry Ndiema


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By NepJournal March 30, 2015 17:43

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