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Security tops the agenda in Garissa, Wajir and Mandera Counties as Jamhuri day is marked

By Farah Adan

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Garissa Governor (with black walking stick) joins dancers at Garissa Primary grounds to mark this year’s Jamhuri day. He is flanked by County Commissioner Harun Khator (in uniform) and other leaders

Counties in North Eastern Kenya marked this year’s Jamhuri day with calls for heightened security and peaceful coexistence filling the air.

This follows twin attacks in Mandera in which Al-Shabaab killed 64 innocent civilians in cold blood. Garissa and Wajir were also targeted with several grenade attacks.

In Garissa, Governor Nathif Jama said that what happened in Mandera was unacceptable and should not be witnessed again.

He urged residents to be extra vigilant and work with the government by forwarding any information that will help in the war on terror.

County Commissioner Mr. Harun Khator thanked residents of Garissa for the peaceful coexistence they showed in the wake of the terror attacks that was aimed at dividing the country along religious lines.

They were speaking at Garissa primary play grounds where the event was held.

In Wajir, Governor Ahmed Abdullahi said insecurity in Nothern Kenya was a real threat to stability and could be a setback to the gains achieved so far through devolution.

He urged residents to leave peacefully with non-locals in the County and resist any attempts aimed at dividing them along religious lines.

He was speaking at Wajir stadium where the celebrations were held.

Wajir County has also suffered numerous attacks by Al-Shabaab, the latest killing one person at Ngamia club. More than ten others were injured.

wajir governor ahmed abdullahi-nepjournal

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi addressing the crowd at Wajir stadium to mark this year’s Jamhuri day

The town’s power station was also hit on several occasions.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Mandera Governor Ali Roba. Read the full story here



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