Secret recording emerges of Duale on strategies to keep Wiper party at bay in Garissa

By NepJournal January 5, 2017 17:00

Secret recording emerges of Duale on strategies to keep Wiper party at bay in Garissa

By NJ Correspondent:

Duale addressing a meeting with Garissa youth and professionals on Sunday.

A secret recording of majority leader Aden Duale urging Garissa youth to keep  the Wiper party at bay in his constituency has emerged also detailing how he intends the same to be done.

The clip, which Nep Journal cannot independently verify contains some controversial remarks by the Majority leader, addressing the gathering in mixture of the Somali, Swahili and English languages.

“Start with the Kambas today, tell them to come to this town to build houses but should not dare bring Wiper here and tell other Kambas we are waiting them the voting day, you will not cross the Tana River Bridge”. says Duale in the recording.

He then instructs an aide to mobilize youth, five of them at each polling station to keep vigil against the importation of voters.

“Do not allow any matatu ferrying people you don’t know to register as voters. I want five youth to keep an eye on the registration day and night, I provide for their upkeep” says Duale instructing the youth to turn away any such vehicle.

“I will meet the County Commander, OCPD and the CID…even this County commissioner (of Kamba descent), I dared him to try bring Kambas politics here” he adds.

Duale tells assures the youth that he will stand with them and will even secure their release in case they were arrested. He also assures to pay their family bills during the assignment.

Listen to the clip here below:

The Majority leader is facing stiff competition from former Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim among other candidates in his bid to retain the seat. Maalim recently moved to Wiper party from ODM in a move seen by many as targeting the votes of the Kamba community which has a formidable presence in Garissa.






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By NepJournal January 5, 2017 17:00

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