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“Secession talks are primitive ,” says Jirongo

United Democratic Party leader Cyrus Jirongo has described the endeavor for NASA and Jubilee leaders’ to secede   as primitive. Homa Bay MP Peter Kaluma and Jubilee strategist Washington Makodingo have outlined secession Bills to modify the constitution to form two republics. However Jirongo, who contested for presidency, asked Kenyan leaders to think of how to bring together East African nations, not how to generate tribal closed societies. The politician stated leaders must deal with Kenya’s problems head on, not stir up for breakaways.

“Nations in the world over are looking for ways to partner to reinforce their economies. It is regrettable that some leaders in Kenya are thinking of becoming a village, imagining creating their own corners to become kings.”Kalama’s Bill seeks to split the country into the People’s Republic of Kenya and Central Republic of Kenya by amending article five of the constitution.

The lawmaker wants 40 of the 47 counties to break away and create the People’ Republic but Jubilee MPs have said they will shoot down his proposal. On Tuesday, Jubilee Party strategist Washington Makodingo drafted a bill seeking to leave out Siaya, Kisumu, and Homa Bay and Migori counties from Kenya. This has been seen as a counter to Kaluma’s Bill.

Jirongo acknowledges that many parts of Kenya have been left out in distribution of national resources and have undergone historical injustices by past governments for decades.

But he noted division will not heal the problem yet Kenya needs enduring solutions to matters that have haunted its people for years. The former Lugari MP termed biased distribution of national resources the country’s biggest challenge since independence.

Balkanizing the country is risky, he said, adding: “What is happening is like putting up the Berlin Wall between communities that have lived together and intermarried for decades.”He additionally noted secession will compromise stability and asked leaders to learn from South Sudan’s experiences.

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