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Sankuri and its environs now fully covered by 3G network

By NJ Correspondent:

Residents of Sankuri town and its environs in Garissa County have a reason to smile after getting connected to Safaricom’s 3G network.

Balambala MP Abdikadir Aden who was instrumental in the installation of the top telco’s equipment in the area said more towns will be connected soon in his vast constituency.

“From 3pm today Sankuri town and its environs are now fully connected to the Safaricom network, this was as a result of my request to Safaricom on behalf of the people of Sankuri and I wish to take this opportunity to thank Safaricom for this phenomenon infrastructure” he said.

Up to 75% of Balambala constituency is now connected to the high speed 3G connection which allows for good quality calls and faster internet connections.

Libahlow , Danyere and Sankuri have already been connected while Libahlow town will be connected next, according to the youthful MP.

The newly erected mast at Sankuri.

Sankuri is an old town in Garissa county and until recently was only known for its secondary school which produced some of the region’s best minds.

The river-side town is also rich agriculturally and contributes to the rich produce of Garissa County.


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