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Saleh sends stern warning to feuding clans

By Farah Aden:

mohamud ali saleh - nepjournal

North Eastern regional coordinator Mohamud Ali Saleh speaking to the press in his office in this file photo.

Feuding clans in North Eastern Kenya have been asked to immediately resolve their differences through dialogue or face government intervention such as security operations.

Speaking to the media in his office yesterday, Regional Coordinator Mohamud Saleh said tribal animosity in parts of Garissa, Wajir and Mandera will give bad elements such as Al-shabaab the chance to capitalize on the clashes and re-emerge after the government recorded tremendous success in the fight against the militants.

Saleh reminded local residents that despite the small differences, they were brothers who speak the same language and that there was no need of going for each other’s throat over petty issues.

“I am now monitoring the situation as there are efforts to bring peace through dialogue. I know there are few people with vested interests such as elders who are an obstacle to peace but I would like to remind them that if they fail to immediately end hostilities, the government will have no option but to come in with full force to disarm concerned communities” said the tough talking administrator.

His sentiments come after border disputes between residents of Dadaab and Balambala constituencies in Garissa, Eldas and Wajir North constituencies in Wajir as well as battle for supremacy in Rhamu constituency led to bloodshed in the recent past.

While Mandera county has enjoyed relative peace, border disputes in Garissa and Wajir are proving to be a thorny issue.

Saleh who is credited with restoring normalcy in this region previously is known for his no non-sense approach to resolving matters insecurity.







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  1. Abdi

    asc I wish to make a little comment concern this feuding clans. if i put my fst thought those are are fighting over the borders is better to solve under acacia their dispute. BT If they do not that government should take action to disband those fighting each other. I am talking to region coordinator Mr saleh you r ogaden and those fighting in garissa county they are also ogaden so come with your effort and disarm those having illegal firearms. plz can u show each community their borders ends. Thanks I am from garissa


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