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Saleh reassures parents over GUC as raft of security measures are implemented at institution

By Yussuf Hamza:


North Eastern Regional Coordinator Mohamud Saleh has reassured parents, students and staff of Garissa University College over their security saying the government has beefed up security in and around the institution.

Speaking in an interview with the media in his office, Saleh said a fully functional police post with thirty officers and a police car has been established within the campus while patrols were carried out around the institution 24/7.

Saleh said up to 145 students and more than 200 teaching and non teaching staff have already reported and asked the remaining students to follow suit immediately.

The veteran administrator urged the local people especially those living around the institution to help security agencies and report any suspicious individual or activity.

A raft of other security measures have also been introduced at the institution to ensure the April 2 carnage is not repeated in the future.

Local youth who advocated for reopening of the Institution under the banner of Norther Advocacy Organization led by Alibash Mohamed installed a biometric security systems worth 2 million shillings a fortnight ago.

The system installed by System One Limited will require anyone entering the university to use their fingerprints to access the campus. The fingerprints of the students, staff and visitors will be captured for security reasons.

system one explains biometric-nepjournal

a System One Limited Engineer explains how the biometric system works

Alibash said the system also comes with high resolution CCTV cameras that will monitor traffic at the entrance of Northern Kenya’s only secular University.

The University was reopened on January 4, 2015 after a nine month lull following the deadly April 2 Al-shabaab attack in which more than 147 people were killed most of them students.


alibash with system one ltd-nepjournal

Alibash Mohamed (right), with the System One Limited crew at GUC. The team installed a Kshs 2M worth biometric access system at the institution.



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