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Safaricom asked to explain delays in transmission of election results


The Kenya’s leading telecommunications firm, Safaricom was put on task by the opposition leader Raila Odinga to explain delays in transmission of August 8 elections results.

National Super Alliance (Nasa) leader Raila Odinga claimed the delays caused by Safaricom caused the manipulations of the August 8 elections outcomes.

The opposition says Safaricom conspired with Safran to interfere with results transmission. Mr Odinga further claimed 6 individuals inn the giant firm were part of rigging scheme and said he will sue the individuals.

Raila said “It is a matter of public record that Safaricom was contracted by IEBC to transmit election results from the Kenya Integrated Election Management (Kiems) kits at polling stations to the IEBC servers,”

“It has come to our knowledge that one of these VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) terminated at a cloud server registered in Spain but operated in France under control of OT-Morpho. Both VPNs were fully paid for by IEBC.”

Safaricom Kenya was contracted by IEBC to convey the results from the KIEMS kits in polling stations to the IEBC servers at Bomas of Kenya. The data to be conveyed was supposed to pass via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) however, Mr. Odinga claims there was one VPN terminated at cloud server, registered in Spain but operated in France was controlled by OTP SafranMorpho- the firm that supplied IEBC with Technology apparatus for use in August 8 elections.

Meanwhile police lobbed tear gas to disperse NASA supporters who are demanding for the removal of the top IEBC officials. Protestors were chanting “No reforms, no elections!” on the  other hand, Ezra Chiloba said he will not resign because he has a responsibility to discharge.

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