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Ruto calls Raila ‘The lord of poverty & master of violence’

Deputy President William Ruto took to his twitter handle and took a dig at Raila Odinga. He blamed the NASA flag bearer of the chaos experienced yesterday in Nairobi. He said the only person responsible for the destruction, bloodshed, chaos and death seen yesterday in the city. He noted that the actions were barbaric, unconstitutional and archaic. Ruto posted on his Twitter handle “The lord of POVERTY & master of VIOLENCE came with his signature chaos, destruction, bloodshed and death. Barbaric, undemocratic & primitive.”

Raila on the other hand, blamed President Uhuru and his government for planning the violence against his supporters. “NASA sturdily denounces what has happened today, that is turning into a pattern in our nation. We hold President Uhuru Kenyatta and his unlawful government liable for this ridiculous and regrettable turn of events. The President has the blood of blameless citizens on his hands,” Raila stressed. He referred to the cases of police brutality as a confirmation of Jubilee’s autocracy that is taking root in Kenya.

He appealed to Kenyans to take action and back him in his pursuit to remove the Jubilee government from the office. “Today’s use of utmost animal force proves our worries that a tyranny is taking root in Kenya. As Kenyans, we have a responsibility and duty to bring it to an end before the roots go too deep,” he said. He went further to compare Raila to Yaya Jamneh in Gambia “Kenyans on the other hand must take heart that the lane Uhuru is taking is a trodden one. It is the identical path that was taken by Yaya Jammeh in the Gambia, Blaise Compaore in Burkina Faso, Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast, Faure Gnassingbe in Togo and now Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. The consequences here will bethe same,” noted Raila.

5 died and others were seriously hurt in the police vs. NASA supporters clash .Police spokesman George Kinoti said the dead were stoned to death by angry mobs in different occurrence after they were purportedly caught stealing.

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