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   Russia helping North Korea safeguarding nuclear weaponry

    By Isaac Ktiti

Russia gave a helping hand at securing North Korea’s nuclear weaponry development program by hooking up the country with high-tech internet without sharing weapons, nuclear techniques or any military tactics.TransTelecom – Russia’s tech firm started transmitting data from North Korea on Sunday evening a dedicated website involved in analysis of N.Korea’s intelligence called ‘38 North’ published.

“The use of Russian technology in protecting N.Korea will create a new internet path out of the country hence increasing its rebounding and international bandwidth capacity,” Dony Madory a global internet security-connectivity analyst at Dyn Research said.

Russia’s move to up N.Korea’s cyber technology game rises a lot of serious questions about the alliance of two countries. The Washington Post earlier on September reported that United States cyber command had been attacking North Korea’s networks as major plan to cripple its development and launching of deadly nuclear missiles. It is a challenge to US now that North Korea’s cyber infrastructure networks have got a major boost in a new layer of protection.

Keen Geers, a US cyber security expert of Comodo in his statement published in the New York Times April this year concerning United States’ deliberate hacking into North Korea’s missile infrastructure to hinder its tests said that, “if a person thinks that war is possible with a given state, then he is trying to prepare the battle ground for conflict. In the internet era that is what it means hacking”

“Since the North Korea has limited number of servers and access points in its highly restricted internet. Cyberwar between US and North Korea is a walk over for the US,” Keen Geers assured.

But now the problem is back. Russia supports North Korea’s networks and the US job in closing down troublesome North Korea’s cyber activities including nuclear command and control are becoming very difficult to achieve.



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