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Ruling on 2009 census results for 8 districts in Northern Kenya postponed

By Suleiman Hassan:

an Aerial view of Mandera town

an Aerial view of Mandera town

Residents of 8 districts in Northern Kenya will have to keep on waiting for the much awaited ruling on the Census results of 2009 from the said districts after the Court of appeal’s verdict planned for today was postponed until further notice.

The government had appealed against the 2011 High Court ruling which quashed its attempted cancellation of the 2009 Census results for 8 districts in Northern Kenya.

Mandera County is largely affected as it contributes three of the districts whose results are in question. A win for the government in the appeal would have allowed it to use projected rather the actual census figures in all its future transactions, such as the county revenue allocation and the Constituency Development Funds among others.

The Government had proposed population figures 40% lower than the current one.

Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow who has been vocal against the government’s push to have the figures reduced said that the objective of the government was to deny the region resource allocation.

“At every opportunity in recent months, the President and leaders from his backyard have consistently cited the region as examples of counties taking a major share of public resources.” said the outspoken Senator.

“As leaders from the region, we shall pursue this matter to its logical conclusion in sha Allah” Kerrow added.

The Mandera leadership recently threatened to ditch the ruling coalition should the government continue with the push to have the figures slashed.

Locals were waiting for the verdict with abated breadth with the region’s elite taking to twitter with the hashtag #NepCensusValid which was trending for the better part of Friday.



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