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Roba’s camp wins big as Jubilee resolves Mandera party elections standoff

By NJ Correspondent:

Mandera leaders at a past press conference following the disputed party elections.

The Jubilee party has at last resolved the disputed Mandera county branch elections following days of deliberations between national officials of the party and local stakeholders.

Under the new arrangement, it is believed those allied to Governor Ali Roba won big after the Party Chairman Raphael Tuju, made it clear that the elections should only be conducted in line with the party guidelines and formula.

“The Governor, Members of Parliament (MPs), elected MCAs and aspirants are the ones allowed to participate in the party elections. The top elected leaders were allocated 6 slots.” Roba said in a statement.

The decision by the Party headquarters come after the County party elections ended in disarray recently following disagreements over representation by a team allied to the governor and another consisting of candidates endorsed by the Garre council of elders, GCOEs.

Governor Roba leads a team of dissenting leaders who broke ranks with a verdict by the GCOEs to drop all current elected elders in favor of a new crop led by former administrator Hassan Noor Hassan as the governor.

Under the new arrangement, top elected leaders consisting of the governor, senator and MPs will get 6 slots in the new lineup.

With Roba enjoying the support of all the members dropped by the council of elders, his team will get a lion’s share since only Senator Billow Kerrow and Women representative Fathia Mahboub were in the elders’ camp. Roba’s team will reportedly get 5 slots in this cadre.

In the second group which is the MCA cadre and has 6 slots, the team allied to the elders will get 2 slots while Roba’s side get 4 since he enjoys the support of 19 members of the county assembly out of the 26.

The aspirants’ cadre had 7 slots meaning the team allied to the elders get a big share of 4 while the other side gets 3.

“Based on our numerical strength across the three cadres, the party gave our team 12 slots while the remaining 7 slots went to the COEs” summed Roba in his statement.

Efforts to get more information from the team allied to the elders bore no fruits.

The party heads reportedly made it clear that there will be no direct nominations and those eyeing representation through the party ticket have to submit their list by Friday.

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