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Roba dismisses Kerrow’s county security concerns hours after the two leaders took the same stand on the issue

By NJ Correspondent:

Hours after Mandera leaders set aside their differences and spoke in one voice over Al Shabaab’s continued incursions, Mandera Governor Ali Roba has dismissed as crocodile tears concerns raised by Senator Billow Kerrow.

Speaking after addressing holding a public rally at the Mandera bus on Thursday, Roba said he has all those years addressed the security situation facing the County to the national government singlehandedly and wondered where the outspoken all that time was.

“It’s quite unfortunate that the Senator of Mandera County embarked on attacking the county leadership through his “numbered” posts from his comfy environment in Nairobi without ever setting his foot in Mandera in an attempt to understand the true situation and get to know the challenges we go through” said Roba.

On Wednesday, the two leaders pointed accusing fingers at the government accusing it of laxity in the fight against Al Shabaab.

Kerrow was categorical that the government failed to protect citizens and would allow them protect themselves in the wake of continued Al Shabaab attacks.

The militants have of late been destroying communication masts, actions the two leaders agree was aimed at cutting off the county from the rest of the country raising fears of imminent terror attacks especially as the festive season approaches fast.

During Thursday rally in Mandera, The governor however dismissed Kerrow as a “Facebook senator” saying he has forsaken the leadership responsibilities entrusted on him by the residents “to have never shown any remorse or concern for the challenges the population has undergone.”

Roba and Kerrow enjoyed rosy relations in their final years in office culminating in a decision by the Garre Council of Elders to send home all elected leaders from the community home in the coming elections in favor of new crop of leaders selected by their respectively sub-clans. Governor Roba has however broken ranks with the decision and vowed to soldier on in his bid to seek re-election.

“My administration has always put service delivery as its first priority. Like I said before, the decision to elect, re-elect and remove leaders lies with you. I want the people I am serving to decide who is to lead the county after the 2017 elections.” Said the governor.

Roba was accompanied by several other political aspirants at the rally.

Senator Kerrow and the GCOE’s preferred candidate Hassan Noor Hassan were also in town holding another rally at the town’s Geneva grounds.


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