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Rhamu MCA asks governor to pay contractors as Roba outlines achievements in 3rd devolution anniversary

By Abdiweli Aden:

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Rhamu MCA Issack Dahir speaks at Moi stadium on Sunday during celebration to mark the 3rd anniversary of devolution in Mandera County. He asked Governor Roba to pay contractors.


An MCA in Mandera County on Sunday took Governor Ali Roba to task for nonpayment of contractors and suppliers as the county celebrated the 3rd anniversary of devolution.

Speaking at Moi stadium where the celebrations were held, Rhamu ward’s Issack Dahir stole the show when he pointed out that those who carried out the works Roba was boasting off were yet to paid despite delivering on the tenders they won.

“Let us not be lied to by the county government that they have done a lot for our people when Sh14 billion is yet to be paid to contractors and suppliers,” said Mr Dahir to a round of applause from the crowd.

“Locals are starving because the county government has declined to pay them for the work done and I will say the truth since I fear nothing,” he added.

His Banisa counterpart Yakub Emoi also faulted all the elected leaders from the county saying they did not have the interest of the local people at heart.

“We are having problems, starting from the governor to the senator, together with all national-level elected leaders from Mandera who don’t want to advocate for good service delivery to the electorate,” he said.

Governor Roba did not respond to the demands of the MCA instead listing his achievements in a written speech.

Most of the achievements he listed were water related even though there was still biting water shortages in some areas of the county.

The event was also attended by Industrialisation CS Adan Mohamed, Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow and Deputy Governor Omar Maalim among other local leaders.

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