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REVEALED: Group lambasting one of the Counties in Northern Kenya are employees of Parliamentary Service Commission.

By Abdi Yare

A group of young men from one of the counties in Northern Kenya, have waged a war against one of the county governments in the region.

The group said to be Parliamentary Service Commission employees are led by one employee who has been recruited as a graduate although he is yet to sit for his final university examinations.

The group regularly meets at one of the tea shops in Eastleigh to update one of the politicians said to be sponsoring them.

Recently, they made fruitless efforts of discrediting a financial report that rated the said county highly.

The PSC employees never shy away from criticising all county government’s activities.

It is not the first time that the County in question is coming under scathing attack as political differences in the said County have previously seen similar groups emerge.

However, they failed in their mission to discredit the County which has been given a pat in the back for prudent management of public resources by both local and international oversight bodies.


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