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Response to the criticism on the reshuffle of County Officers by County National Elected leaders

By Issack Dahir

isak dahir Following the recently reshuffle of County Executive committee member and County Chief Officers by his Excellency the Governor, some elected leaders from our county at national level lodged fierce criticism at his move.

As members of county assembly of our beloved county, we read a lot of mischief in their statement as it fails to address the main objective of highlighting the areas where the Governor may have erred in executing his constitutional mandate during reshuffle.

It is imperative to mention here that our national leaders from our county and in particular our senator has never visited our own county assembly for bonding and deliberation on core issues bedeviling our people except last month since being elected two years down the line.

The speaker of the Mandera county assembly is on record having written to all members of national assembly from our county and senator almost ten times inviting them to our county assembly to discuss various issues in vain.

When our senator heeded our call two months ago, indeed he addressed us in our county assembly. We learnt that his speech was full of criticism of the leadership of the governor and his main objective was to incite the members of county assembly against him (The Governor). Moreover, his speech was meant to counter the move made by His Excellency the Governor to reshuffle county officers having heard from reliable sources on the imminent reshuffle, some false allegations were evident in his address such as rampant corruption, financial impropriety among others in the leadership of the governor.

Hypocrisy of the highest order among our county national elected leaders was further cemented some few weeks ago when members of parliament from our county invited members of county assembly in Nairobi for so called bonding.

The irony or in other words the paradox of the situation had set the first agenda as, “to familiarize with one another.”

They went ahead and tried to convince members of county assemblies to build strong relationship with them and fight what they termed as rampant corruption, tribalism, embezzlement of funds entrenched in the entire leadership of the governor. They cited lack of their consultation in the management of county resources and almost all affairs in totality. Most members of county assemblies distanced themselves and disowned their intentions.

Having critically analyzed their motives in recent unfolding of events, we wish to denounce this statement in our strongest words possible and advise the members of public as follows:

  1. The senator and members of assembly have their own vested interests and are the most aggrieved lot having lost their cronies in the most influential dockets where they have been landing lucrative tenders and reaping big.

Most of them have been contravening procurement procedure as envisaged in our national and county laws thereby propagating corruption.

This is one of the main reason why the governor opted to reshuffle some affected officers in order to achieve optimum transparency and service delivery in his county leadership and fight corruption.


  1. Some of these leaders want to create anarchy in county leadership and use their influence to convince the members of county assemblies as earlier mentioned and impeach the governor.
    There is nothing good they have for this county other than using all weaponry at their disposal and amass wealth at the expense of our poor taxpayers.
  2. Why should these leaders go over media and share their frustrations when we invited them and they declined our offer?
  3. The senator faulted the governor for failing to adhere to Section 35(3)(d) of County Government Act that requires County Executive Officers to have knowledge, experience and distinguished career in the relevant portfolio.

The governor has simply interchanged the same personalities in different positions. As members of county assemblies we are left in rude shock following these uncalled for criticism by the senator because these are the same officers he comfortably embraced and never raised his contrary opinion during their appointment by the governor. Why should the senator read from a different script when they’re reshuffled yet he failed to do it earlier on?

The magnitude of hypocrisy displayed by our senator is conspicuous on this matter in the following manner:

It is true to the knowledge of everybody that the senator is comfortable with knowledge, experience and distinguished career of Mr. Adan Hussein who is a teacher by profession but serving under land portfolio, Mr .Omar Absiye, a teacher serving under agricultural portfolio, Mr. Abdiaziz a professional human resource manager spearheading ICT docket just but to mention a few.

What degree of hypocrisy that the senator and his allies are trying to portray! He remained silent when they were appointed but objecting when they are transferred.

We wish to challenge our leaders to remain true to their conscience and believes instead of continuously contradicting themselves when their vested interests are threatened. Was our senator not aware of these for the past two years just to oppose our governor now?

We appeal to all residents of Mandera County to remain vigilant and reject these cheap propagandists in the name of leaders whose main objective is to reward their cronies and themselves while tarnishing the reputation of other leaders unfairly.

Time has come for our people to be told truth and not perennial lies.

The writer is a member of county assembly in Mandera.


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