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Residents seek the independence of western Kenya

Secession debates have now moved to the high courts, two resident from western Kenya, Mr Mathew Okwanda Mwilitsa and Mr Alex Misigo Matisa have filed a petition in the high court seeking the liberation of western part of the country.

The duo wants the people of western to decide their political future in a referendums, Mr Mathew Okwanda Mwilitsa and Mr Alex Misigo Matisa come from Kakamega County and Vihiga County respectively.

“The petitioners are personally and on behalf of their community urging the honourable court to be pleased to grant the people occupying the territory formerly known as the Eastern Province of Uganda leave to hold a referendum so as to exercise their right to determination in terms of their rights to nationality, territorial integrity, economic, social and culture as a people.” Part of the petitions read.

They accused the Kenya, Uganda and Britain governments  for undermining the once united Abaluhya kingdom.

In the petition the two claim the Abaluhya kingdom was powerful from 1895-1962 under the leadership of King Nabongo Mumia, whose territorial jurisdiction spread from Jinja in present-day Uganda to Kijabe with the boundary being at Susua in the then British East Africa Protectorate (now Kenya).

The petitioners wants the United Kingdom to pay reparations to the Abaluyia Community for destabilizing their kingdom and placing them in Kenya.


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