Residents of Mandera North Sub-County face acute Water shortages

By NepJournal October 7, 2016 23:42

Residents of Mandera North Sub-County face acute Water shortages

By Nep Journal Correspondent:

Gofa location residents fetching water from underground water tank (only source of water storage)

Gofa location residents fetching water from underground water tank (only source of water storage)

Residents of several Mandera North Sub-County settlements are facing serious water shortages with most of the affected areas depending on water trucking to get the precious commodity.

Affected residents pointed an accusing finger at the County government which they said has done little to solve perennial water shortages in the affected areas since taking up the devolved system.

Abdimajid Hussein, an activist told Nep Journal that since Water services were devolved under the County government, the administration has discriminatively denied some areas access to water including; Deg marer, koban daqa, Sarman, Gofa, Burjon, Qurdubo, Lanquraa, Daidai, Kajaja, Korma Adow and Ogorweine of Mandera North Sub-County among other areas.

He added Mandera North Sub-County which is largely inhabited by Dagodia has faced discrimination from the County leadership who failed to execute equal distribution of resources.

He further added that access to water is a basic human right but hundreds of thousands of families in Mandera North Sub-County lack the basic commodity in a County that receives the highest budget allocation among its peers.

“It is because of lack of equal distribution of resources among communities and officials bound by corruption and tribalism that has made Mandera residents to decry water crisis at this time when the County is receiving a huge budget allocation,” said activist Abdimajid.

He pointed out that they have gone to the County government offices countless times to seek for a solution to the problem but all in vain.

Affected residents claim the County government failed to repair old boreholes and water pans in the area let alone initiating new water projects for the last four years.

Abdi Muhamed a resident of Kubi location, told Nep journal that two boreholes drilled in Ogorweine location and Kubi location by the National government are lacking equipment that would have eased water crisis in the area forcing residents to trek for long distances in search of water despite having boreholes drilled in their vicinity.

He said residents of Mandera North Sub-county have not benefited from devolution.

The Roba led administration has come under scrutiny of late with the increasing number of aggrieved areas.

Following the crisis, locals are now appealing to the national government and humanitarian organizations to intervene and avert the imminent disaster.

The latest allegations suffice at a time when Governor Ali Roba is battling a decision by the Garre Council of elders barring him to seek re-election after he was dropped in favor of Provincial Administrator Hassan Noor Hassan by his clansmen elders.

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By NepJournal October 7, 2016 23:42

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