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Residents of Mandera County’s Shirshir location allege harassment by KDF

By NJ Correspondent:

Scars on the body of one of the victims of the alleged KDF harassment of Shirshir location residents in Mandera County.

Residents of Shirshir location of Mandera County have decried harassment by the Kenya Defense forces.

Affected Residents told Nep Journal on condition of anonymity that heavily armed contingents of KDF forces patrolling the Banisa – Ashabito route passed by the restive location and started beating residents without any explanation on Tuesday.

An activist Abdimajid Hussein told Nep Journal on phone that KDF officers beat residents ferociously and over eight people are being hospitalized.

He said it was not immediately clear what prompted the soldiers on patrol in the area to turn against the hapless citizens they are mandated to protect.

“We are seriously worried about how a government that has all but given up on the war against terror is harshly turning against peasants whose hopes and lives have been gutted down by droughts and abject poverty,” Said Hussein.

He added that residents have ran away for their lives.

“Surely I can’t figure out, of all Kenyans how only people from this particular village can be the targeted,” added Hussein

He called upon North Eastern Regional Coordinator Mohamud Saleh, Mandera County Commissioner and other relevant authorities to carry out investigations into the matter and provide answers on why people from this area were targeted in this operation.

The incident comes barely months after the government imposed a three month dawn to dusk curfew following increased Al-Shabaab attacks that culminated in the killing of 12 people at Al Bushra hotel in Mandera town.

The curfew is in place in Mandera Town, Omar Jillo, Arabia, Fino, Lafey Kotulo, Elwak and their environs extending to 20km from the Kenya-Somalia border.

Shirshir location was not in the list of officially gazette areas where the curfew was imposed.


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