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Residents of Hagarbuur village: Lions terror forces residents to flee homes

By NJ Correspondent:

An aerial view of Dadaab. Photo/File

Afraid of an attack by a troop of hungry lions, residents of Hagarbuur village, nearly 50 kilometers from Garissa town have fled their homes on Thursday.

Hassan Ahmed, a local resident told Nep Journal that they lived in fear for the last one week after the lions killed five cows and a camel in its surrounding areas.

He said residents have been forced to flee their homes today following lions’ invasion to the villages in search of food despite human-wildlife conflict that has been increasing in the last four months.

“These lions have caused havoc. It has killed our animals and they now are roaming in the villages to eat people. The authorities concerned have not yet responded to save lives,” Member of County Assembly Dertu ward Abdi Ali said

He asked Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) authorities to act before it is too late saying they don’t need to wait for people to die before they intervene.

Nep Journal’s effort to reach to KWS authorities in Garissa for comments bored no fruits.

Garissa County Yussuf Haji, in his recent visit to Ijara Sub-County said the water crisis has threatened the livelihoods of residents adding this is the worst drought witnessed in the region for decades.

He has appealed to National government, County government and Aid agencies to accelerate their intervention.

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