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Release 22 fishermen arrested by Ugandan forces

NASA legislators demanded the immediate release of 22 fishermen said to have been arrested by Ugandan security officers. Led by ODM National Chairman and Suba South MP John Mbadi, they insisted for an explanation as to why the incident was recurrent.

Mr. Mbadi asked the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinet to up his game and send enough Police officers to protect the fishermen. “This is not even a matter of trespass or wrong doing by our fishermen that led to their arrest but it’s a matter of people coming to arrest us in our territory because we cannot even be sure if they are Security officers of Uganda,” said Mr. Mbadi the ODM chairman.

“Why can’t you deploy that kind of force to protect the Kenyan people in the same manner you deployed some in protecting ballot boxes? Why can’t we deploy the same resources? All of us are tax payers,” he said while at Parliament buildings on Wednesday.

Mbadi further added that before self-determination they are still Kenyans and if it happens they don’t belong to Kenyans, let it be known so that they can take the way forward. He asked,” if you have a government that does not treat you as a Kenya, why should our people pay taxes?” The fishermen were later released after paying fine of thirteen thousand Kenyan shillings each.




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