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Register in large number, Muslims urged

By Mbarak Abucheri:




Imams and Muslim scholars across the country have been called upon to sensitize their congregations on the importance of participation in the electoral process.

Speaking to Nepjournal, Kakamega based businessman Abdalla Ismail Wanyama said there is need for Muslim leaders to utilize every opportunities to inform the Muslim masses on the need to acquire voter’s cards in order to participate in the forth-coming general elections.

The independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) would conduct a one-month mass voter registration exercise starting from February 14 to March, 15, 2016 setting a target of registering over 4 million new voters.

Abdalla pointed out that participating in the process will safeguard the interests of the Muslim community in all matters pertaining to representation and other social economic development programme.

He called for effective strategies to see to it that Muslims in the country make a major political headway during the next year elections

”The necessary statistics should be obtained to strategize on how Muslim aspirants will emerge among the victorious,” Abdalla said.

Abdalla also cautioned the Muslim Ummah in the country to shun tribalism and clanism saying that such vices will lead to divisions and affect the aspirations of the community.

”The number of our representatives in the national assembly, senate and county leadership has been on the decline because of voting according to tribal or clan affiliations,” the businessman added.

As a strategy to have more representation Abdalla said Muslims should register in large number and in areas where Muslim candidates will stand.

Abdalla called on the government to ease issuance of identity cards to enable Muslims especially youth to acquire the document.

He requested the office of the registration of persons to initiate mobile registration exercise to register citizens in rural areas adding that most of them cannot travel to towns due to poverty and other social problems.


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