Rebellious SNA forces seize major roads in Buloburte, residents say.

By NepJournal March 18, 2017 17:28

Rebellious SNA forces seize major roads in Buloburte, residents say.

By NJ Correspondent:

Somali National Army. File

A section of newly trained Somali National Army who rebelled from Federal government over non-payment of their basic salaries have captured major streets of Buloburte located in Hiiran region of Central Somalia on Saturday.

Eyewitness who asked anonymity told Nep Journal that the newly trained forces were demanding their salaries that have been paid for months.

Forces alleged that they completed their training for long months but have not received any salaries since then.

According to the residents, the forces blocked all streets of the town throwing their frustrations and anger restricting the residents’ movement who fear for their lives and close of business operation for fear of looting.

This is second time Somalia forces seizes roads demanding their regular salaries that were not paid for months since President Farmaajo was elected as the Country’s presidents last month.

President Farmaajo’s ambition to move Somalia towards stability, democracy and prosperity has perhaps made him Somalia’s most popular politician in recent times and gave him the opportunity to be the population’s most preferred candidates in last month’s presidential contest.

He has always ensured salaries were disbursed to government workers and soldiers who hadn’t been paid for months, an accomplishment for which he is still fondly remembered for the six months he was the country’s Prime minister.

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By NepJournal March 18, 2017 17:28

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