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Rains in Mandera at last!

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It has been 12 months since Northern Kenya, and Mandera County in particular, saw the last drops of rain.Mandera County has an area of over 25,000 square kilometres of dry land and a population of 1,025,000 people. Most of these people are pastoralists who depend on their livestock to survive.

Thanks to the departments dealing with disaster and emergencies as well as livestock and water departments, the county government of Mandera was able to help thousands of poor pastoralists cope with the drought. For the first time in the history of the drought in the area no livestock deaths were reported as a result of lack of pasture and or water. This is good news!

Just when frustrations started creeping in, heavens have opened up and heavy downpour have been reported in many areas of Mandera County over the last few days. Areas that have reported heavy rains include Mandera town, Wargadud and Takaba.

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In Takaba very heavy rains were witnessed last evening. The residents talk of hailstorms. They talk of raining ice and they say they don’t remember receiving such heavy rains since 1970s. This heavy downpour is also reported to have come with serious damage to property. Takaba primary for example is said to roofs from 5 classrooms blown off and books worth millions destroyed.

It is also reported at least 30 individual houses crumbled and fences to several homes swept away. Photos attached shared by my friend Mohamed Ali tells part of the story.

The residents of northeastern Kenya should be prepared for heavy rains inspite of the heavy security challenges hanging over the area.

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