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IEBC : Raila’s withdrawal not official yet

In a shocking turn of events it now seems that NASA leader, Mr. Raila Odinga is yet to officially withdraw from the fresh elections.   Apparently, his name may still be on the ballot papers come October 26th even though he has given out his notice to withdraw from the repeat elections.

IEBC argued that Mr. Odinga is yet to officially submit a filled statutory Form 24A to formally withdraw from the presidential race.   It is a process that NASA considers pointless but that they might have to go through to remove him from the election. However, head of NASA secretariat Norman Magaya termed the requirement of Form 24A as misplaced.

“The necessity for one to sign Form 24A is grounded on Regulation 52, which needs one to do so within three days after the nominations. But in this case, we are dealing with an election pursuant to Article 140 of the constitution and consequently, the requirement for Form 24A does not pertain,” said Mr. Magaya.


The IEBC remains adamant that the law requires a dully filled Form 24 A in order to withdraw from an election. The commission, in a statement on Wednesday confirmed that they have indeed received the letter from the NASA leaders stating that they have withdrawn from the repeat elections. They also added that they are yet to receive the Form 24 A as outlined by the elections regulations.

Yesterday IEBC said that all 8 candidates will be on the ballot paper. This comes after the high court allowed Mr. Aukot name to be added to the ballot.  The commission was clear that it is up to the candidates to decide whether they would like to run again for presidency. The Commission cannot compel a candidate to participate in an election. The commission also called for calm to guarantee the forthcoming polls is effectively held for the nation to move forward.

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