Raila- I will not settle for another sham election

Abdirahman Hussein
By Abdirahman Hussein October 4, 2017 20:53


The opposition leader Raila Odinga said he will not change his decision to boycott the planned October 26 poll if his “irreducible minimums’ are not met by the electoral body.

Raila said he will not be pressured by the United Nations, the US, UK and EU diplomatic missions in the country.

“You cannot expect us to do the same thing, the same way and expect a different result. You see, we are not trying to take Jubilee to the altar so that we can go and then cheer that they’ve gotten married. Kenyans will not just want any other election, just an election; that’s why we are talking about uchaguzi bora, sio bora uchaguzi,” he said following a meeting with Gusii professionals.

He claimed his “irreducible minimums’ demands will only ensure a free fair and credible election in the country.

“Jubilee will say that they have no problem with IEBC because they know that IEBC declared them the winner. Jubilee was not the complainant, the complainant was us and we’re the ones who discovered the irregularities and illegalities that informed the Supreme Court decision to nullify the August 8 exercise,” he said.

The opposition leader is demanding  the exit of top electoral body officials and identifying another printing firm to do the printing of the presidential ballots papers among other demands.

Meanwhile the international community led by  led by former US Secretary of State John Kerry advised the jubilee party to postpone it is intention to change the electoral laws until the repeat elections is conducted.

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Abdirahman Hussein
By Abdirahman Hussein October 4, 2017 20:53

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