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Raila: Uhuru planning to be a life president


The opposition leader Raila Oding alleged President Uhuru is planning to remove the presidential term limit and be a life president of the republic of Kenya.

Raila odinga was addressing thousands of his supporters in Nairobi’s Embakasi together with his co-principals Mr Kalonzo Musyoka and Mr Musalia Mudavadi.

Odinga also hinted plans by Jubilee administration to remove the security of tenure enjoyed by judges.  Mr Odinga says Jubilee administration wants to amend the constitution using members of parliament.

“We know what President Uhuru is planning, to be a life president. They want the Jubilee compliant judges and governors so that they can have their way. They even sponsored petitions against non-compliant governors. Uhuru is in office by fraud and not by the mandate of the people of Kenya,” said the NASA leader.

He asked Uhuru to respect the Judiciary and other government institutions saying respecting the judiciary was not a choice but a requirement.

“Kenya does not belong to you. You can’t be a leader without the mandate of the people. The kind of anger you are exhibiting against government institutions means nothing. You cannot scare Kenyans by that kind of rage. If anything, Kenyans are more aggrieved than you because you attempted to steal their will,” he added.

Meanwhile NASA coalition have defended the NASA MPs who boycotted  presidential address of Parliament saying it was a jubilee affairs and that  NASA MPs will continue boycotting the parliament.

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