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Raila praises Zimbabwe’s peaceful coup

Raila Odinga has lauded the peaceful removal of Robert Mugabe from power.

In a press statement Raila Odinga congratulated the people of Zimbabwe and appealed to them to continue pursuing the path they have now chosen.

“You have succeeded in calmly ousting autocracy and dictatorship and created for yourselves the promise of a flourishing future that only equality can provide,” Raila said

He added that the people of Zimbabwe have made a historic moment for themselves and for all Africans who desire a better life in democracy. “I encourage moving quickly towards combining your gains towards democracy, which single-handedly will put off the return of the old order,” he retorted.

Raila brought up his 2008 condemnation of Mugabe after he rigged an election.  “I think I was the only African leader to have condemned Mr Mugabe’s power grab through a rigged vote and offered support for your democratic future,” he insisted.

Mugabe’s resignation comes after the army and his former political associates moved to end four decades of rule.

Mugabe who is 93 years old had clung to power and only resigned after the lawmakers started an impeachment process against him.

Citizens rejoiced in the streets of Harare after he quit bringing to an end the era of Mugabe who had led Zimbabwe since independence in 1980.

ZANU-PF official said Zimbabwe’s former vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was fired by Mugabe is likely to be sworn in as the country’s president.

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