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Raila Odinga loses bid to Waiguru’s lifestyle disclosure

Raila Odinga has lost his bid to let Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru provide information on her lifestyle.

Mr Odinga had requested a defamation suit against him by Ms Waiguru to be thrown out if she fails to provide information sought in the suit. Ms. Waiguru had alleged malice in being linked to loss of money at the National Youth Service (NYS).

High Court judge Joseph Sergon ruled that though Ms Waiguru answered the questions in line with the law.

“I am pleased that Ms Waiguru responded to the interrogation in accordance with the law,” Justice Sergon said.

Ms. Waiguru lawyer said that some of the questions in the court papers were pointless and unreasonable.

Mr Odinga had asked her to respond to, among other issues, her salary, allowances, list of properties owned, and material worth.

On the other hand Mr Odinga’s lawyer said that the response to the questions were supposed to help him effectively respond to the defamation suit filed by Ms Waiguru.

The former Devolution Cabinet secretary had also taken legal action against  former senators Boni Khalwale (Kakamega) and Johnson Muthama (Machakos) for involving her to robbery of Sh791 million at NYS.

Ms Waiguru stated that Mr Khalwale and Mr Muthama, in a Cord rally on November 2015 at Uhuru Park, Nairobi, spoke words meant to mean that she had sporadically gotten public funds.

The two leaders are seeking to rely on court papers filed by Ms Waiguru as a defence in the suit.

Mr Khalwale and Mr Muthama in their defense said it was clear Ms Waiguru was not exactly clear the events leading up to the theft.

They also mentioned   an affidavit by businesswoman Josephine Kabura, a chief suspect in the scandal, gives an account of the theft and purportedly illustrates the key role Ms Waiguru apparently played and the conspiracy that ensued.

“In the beginning, Ms Waiguru had openly denied that money had been lost in the Ministry of Devolution and at NYS. But she lately disclosed that there was theft, fraud and abuse of office,” the senators said in their court papers.

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