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Raila drags Safaricom into election rigging saga

Former prime minister and NASA’s Presidential hopeful Raila Odinga has issued latest allegations involving a local telecommunication firm popularly known as Safaricom to have had a hand at the transmission and manipulation of the bungled August 8 elections.

Speaking in a press conference to journalists this afternoon, Mr. Odinga accused Jubilee of being greedy for power and determined to go into extremes of involving locals and international actors in order to rig elections as it did in August 8 elections in conjunction with IEBC. He criticized those that control the levels of power of their ill-will to govern the Kenyan people against their electoral will by ensuring power remains in their hands not only till 2022 but forever.

Safaricom Kenya was contracted by IEBC to convey the results from the KIEMS kits in polling stations to the IEBC servers at Bomas of Kenya. The data to be conveyed was supposed to pass via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) however, Mr. Odinga claims there was one VPN terminated at cloud server, registered in Spain but operated in France was controlled by OTP Safran Morpho- the firm that supplied IEBC with Technology apparatus for use in August 8 elections.

He further revealed that although the IEBC paid for two VPN Servers, the one that was operated by Safaricom was not set up and that results from KIEMS kits in polling stations left the country via IEBC network to a server hosted in France but never came to the server at the Bomas of Kenya. None of the KIEMS kits under Safaricom Network got their results to the to the IEBC Public web portal.

Mr.Odinga aired his sentiments that there exists a collusion starring Safaricom, the IEBC and Safran Morphor that is determined to repeat what it did in the previous elections.

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