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Raila condemns the detainment of David Ndii

Nasa leader Raila Odinga has describe the detainment of Nasa advisor David Ndii as a failed scheme to intimidate the Kenyans set on fighting for electoral justice.

Mr Odinga said that the government is adamant on making sure that electoral reforms are not attained.

The Nasa flag-bearer said that his party will not be browbeaten into submission, maintain that Kenyans are also set on electoral justice and nothing will stop them.

“The people of Kenya will not stop until they ultimately get the electoral justice to guarantee that each ballot cast by voters counts,” said Mr Odinga.

He claimed that Mr Ndii was collected like a dog by the police .He also disclosed that Mr Ndii’s wife and his daughter Winnie Odinga were also arrested but released immediately after his protests.

The opposition Chief blamed the national government for the death of those who were killed by the police during Nasa demonstrations and rallies.

“They will have to answer,” said Mr Odinga.

He called on global leaders to call out the Kenyan government on the alleged against the atrocities in Kenya.

“I appeal to friends of Kenya represented here through their diplomatic missions not to be silent when innocent lives are being wiped out by trigger happy police officers.

He said that human life is sacrosanct and must always be protected. He said that by keeping quiet they will be guilty of collusion by association.

Mr Odinga recommended the executive and legislative arms of the county government to work together in delivering for the people of Kisumu.

“There is need to have an amicable relationship between the two arms [of government] to deliver Devolution can work only if they work together and corporate,” he said.

Mr Odinga pointed out that in 1963 and 1964, devolution, then known as Majimbo, was aggravated by the national government.

He stressed on the need for the devolution in Kenya

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