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Principal Kadhi urges Muslim women to venture into business

By Mbarak Abucheri

Left:Principal Kadhi Sheikh Sukyan Hassan in attentive mood during the annual Muslim women convention in Kisumu.Third is Sheikh Juma Amir deputy Imam Jamia Mosque Nairobi.

Left:Principal Kadhi Sheikh Sukyan Hassan in attentive mood during the annual Muslim women convention in Kisumu.Third is Sheikh Juma Amir deputy Imam Jamia Mosque Nairobi.

Muslim women groups in Nyanza region have been urged to embrace change in order to confront social-economic challenges facing them due to poverty and inaccessibility to information.

At the same time they were called upon to venture into business and income generating activities to empower themselves economically.

Addressing participants at the Annual Muslim women convention at Al Mu’uminun Integrated School grounds in Kisumu county last week,the Principal Kadhi Sheikh Sukyan Omar Hassan observed that economic empowerment of women and youth in the Muslim community will go to great length to reduce poverty levels in the community.

Sheikh Sukyan observed that Islam encourages its adherents to venture into halal business hence it is of utmost important that Muslims keep abreast of the changing times and venture into businesses to improve on their lives.

Sheikh Sukyan further advised Muslim women and youth groups to strive to form united, strong and respected business enterprises to improve on their programmes and services.

He pointed out that women and youth are among the most vulnerable section of the society and hence it is imperative to provide economic opportunities to uplift their lives and nurture them to be productive members of the society for social economic development.

”Women and youth are critical element in ensuring sustainable development in any community and society. We should work together to support initiatives that uplift their social economic conditions and it is high time Muslim leadership come up with measures to ensure Muslims are encouraged and supported to engage in business and other income generating activities to improve on their livelihood,” said Sheikh Sukyan.

Kadhi Sukyan said as part of the measures to nurture productive young men and women in the Muslim community there is need for the Muslim leadership to roll out a number of empowerment programmes which include training and the purchase of tents and chairs for hire to provide them with income for sustainability and life skill opportunities.

The judicial officer further emphasized on the importance of women and youth groups participation in income-generating and micro-enterprise activities to improve on their income and support their programmes for the benefit of the general society and the country at large.

He called on established Muslim business people and traders to provide guidance and support to upcoming young men and women traders for them to prosper in their new endeavors. The two day Muslim women convention attracted over 600 participants mostly women who utilize the occasion to discuss various challenges affecting them and how the trend could be addressed.

The event that ended on Sunday last week was organized and sponsored by  the Kisumu based Sisters With A Mission Muslim Development group(SWAM)


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