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President Uhuru donates a school bus to Wajir girls’ secondary School at State House.

By Farah Adan

Wajir Girls' principal Madam Maryan Abdi-nepjournal

Wajir Girls’ Principal Maryan Abdi Hassan (Left), Deputy Principal Mahat Ali (Middle) and Wajir Girls students with President Uhuru Kenyatta(Right)at State House on Friday.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has on Friday donated a school bus to Wajir Girls secondary School principal Maryan Abdi Hassan, deputy principal at State House.

School Principal, Deputy principal and her students visited presidents at state House to receive school bus promised by head of state on his recent visit in Wajir County.

President Kenyatta posed for photos with the students and their principal while waving hands before seeing them off in their brand new bus on Friday.

In attendance was MP Hon. Abass Sheikh Mohamed who represents Wajir East constituency where the school is located and organized the meeting.

The promise has become fruitful on Friday when head of state received Wajir Girls’ principal and students who got the chance to visit him at State House and were gifted with a bus for their school.

During the presidential visit to Wajir County, challenges faced by the schools were shared with him and he promised to donate a bus to Wajir Girls’ secondary school.

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