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President Kenyatta calls for peaceful elections

President Uhuru Kenyatta addressed the Nation today at Uhuru Park where thousands gathered to celebrate Mashujaa day. Mr. Uhuru said that his government is prepared to offset any threats during and after the elections.
He was adamant that the law will be applied accordingly to anyone planning to cause any disruptions regardless of their political position or social class.

“Elections will come and go, but Kenya remains. For those planning to vote, and those staying away, I implore you to extend a hand of friendship to your brothers and sisters and respect every one’s choice and opinion,” Kenyatta said.
President Kenyatta mentioned that the government will not put up with any disorder masqueraded as an exercise of freedoms to cause anguish in the nation.


He also implored Kenyans to remain peaceful in the forthcoming repeat Presidential elections and called on Kenyans to exercise their democratic right on October 26 to preserve their indisputable right to vote for the leader of their preference.
Mr. Kenyatta cautioned the opposition leaders against threatening the IEBC in an effort to stop it from holding the election.
“To those bullying and threatening the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), its employees and other entities, this must stop immediately. We must trust, look after and uphold our institutions to allow them to grow and carry out their functions,” said the President.

Mr. Kenyatta reminded Kenyans that even though the Constitution guarantee the right to demonstrate peacefully, that right is assured only for those working within the limitations of the law. “As a contemporary state, Kenya must be guided by the rule of law,” said the President
The President ended his speech by asking all Kenyans to collectively pray for the country and requested citizens to turn out in large numbers to exercise their constitutional and democratic right come Thursday, 26th of this month. He also took the opportunity to join the Hindu Community in celebrating Diwali and wish them a Happy New Year.

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