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By Suleiman Hassan, Garissa.

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Garissa Governor Nathif Jama briefing the press after the meeting. He is accompanied by Masalani MP. Hon. Abass (on his right) and his Dadaab counterpart Hon. Dahiye

Residents of Garissa County may soon realize increased development if top elected leaders from the County maintain their new found bond.

In a rare show of unity, the leaders converged at Nomads hotel in Garissa on Sunday to iron out what they termed as ‘small differences’ between them.

The leadership was seen to be reading from different scripts since the inception of devolution leveling serious accusations against each other.

National Assembly Majority Leader who is also the Garissa Township MP Hon. Aden Duale and his Balambala counterpart Hon. Abdikadir Aden were constantly seen as a thorn in the flesh of Garissa County politics as they differed with Govenor Nathif and his policies on more than one occasion.

They accused the Governor and his administration of flouting procurement rules, diverting development projects to selected areas of the County and nepotism in the recruitment of county staff.

The Governor denied all these claims and hit back by accusing them of years of mismanagement of CDF funds.

The latest spat between the Governor and the Majority Leaders was over the fencing of Boul Argy Giraffe sanctuary.

The wrangles raised political temperatures in the County and almost took a tribal dimension pitting the County’s two largest clans against each other.

This forced the leaders to rethink their position and organize a round table meeting to iron out their differences.

The meeting was held yesterday (Sunday) and was Chaired by veteran politician and Garissa Senator Hon. Yussuf Haji.

It was attended by all members of Parliament from the County except Women rep. Shukran Gure and Fafi’s Elias Barre Shill who were both said to be absent because of official commitments but sent their apologies.

In a press briefing immediately after the bonding session, Majority Leader Aden Duale said that they had fruitful discussions that will ensure positive development in the County.

He added that they agreed to pull all the resources of the County together and have a central coordination of all projects so as to avoid duplication.

For now both the Constituency Development Funds and the County Government implement their projects independently.

Hon. Duale said that problems in the water sector were discussed at length and this could end perennial water shortage in the County.

He added that they will meet once in every three months in order to review their success and chat the way forward.

Ijara MP Hon. Abass thanked the leaders for the positive gesture and urged them to continue with the same spirit.

Governor Nathif Jama expresses his joy at seeing a united Garissa and assured residents that what they witnessed previously was only divergent opinion and no animosity whatsoever existed between the leaders.

He said they will organize a big meeting in three weeks’ time which will be attended by all MPs, all members of the County Assembly, the Governor and his executive committee members, top county officials among other stake holders.


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