Police warn of terror attacks in North Eastern, Coast hours after deadly cache found in Garissa

By NepJournal November 29, 2016 18:34

Police warn of terror attacks in North Eastern, Coast hours after deadly cache found in Garissa

By Abdihakim Mohamed:

it is the third time a deadly cache of weapons were recovered in Garissa.

it is the third time a deadly cache of weapons were recovered in Garissa. Photo/Courtesy.

Police have warned against increased Al Shabaab activities and attacks hours after security officers in Garissa County recovered a cache of assorted weapons buried outside a residential house in Bula Sagare.

In a statement, the national police service said the Somalia based terror group was now changing tact by splitting into smaller groups and infiltrating into the country especially along the border areas of Mandera, Wajir, Garissa and Lamu Counties.

“The Militants are keen to take advantage of the ongoing rains to infiltrate into the country through general areas of Kolbio and close to Hulugho area in Garissa County” reads the statement in part.

Police said the militants were also grouping in Jedahaley area in Somalia from where they plan to sneak into the country or carry out attacks.

The statements adds some militants were hiding in small groups pretending to be herders around Hida and Dambala in Somalia while plotting to sneak into the country.

Probable targets identified by police include public service vehicles plying routes along the border as well as security personnel and establishments along the border.

The public have therefore been asked to be vigilant even as heightened security alertness to avert any attacks prevail.

Police also identified the recent clan clashes in Wajir as an avenue the militants could exploit and called on warring sides to end hostilities.

Boni forest in the coast have also been identified as another area the militants intend to infiltriate.

On Monday, a deadly cache of weapons including an AK 47 riffle, 210 rounds of ammunition, IEDs, a hand grenade, and a fully loaded suicide bomber jacket was recovered by police in Garissa.

North Eastern Regional Coordinator Mohamud Saleh who led the mission to recover the weapons said a member of the public who stumbled upon the weapons reported to police.

Saleh said no arrest has been made but added that the police are following crucial leads.

“The discovery of the arsenal is a major breakthrough in our fight against terrorism. With the help of members of the public we have been able to pre-empt several attacks and recovered weapons that could have caused mass destruction,” said Saleh.

He added that this is the third time in Garissa town that the security apparatus have recovered such huge arsenal as a result of cooperation between the police and locals.


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By NepJournal November 29, 2016 18:34

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Marching in solidarity with Mogadishu attack victims in Nariobi.

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