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Police in Garissa looking for hate poem composer

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Nathif and Khator

Garissa County Commissioner Rashid Khator (left) consults with County Deputy Commissioner Dominic Chenza (right) and Garissa Governor Nathif Jama on Friday during a rally at Garissa Primary School. Mr Khator has said police are looking for a man believed to have composed a poem aimed at inciting hatred among residents of Garissa. PHOTO/ABDIMALIK HAJIR.   NATION



Police in Garissa are looking for a person who allegedly composed a poem aimed at inciting violence among residents, Garissa County Commissioner Rashid Khator has revealed.

Speaking at a rally in Garissa over the weekend, Mr Khator said the suspect who is on the run has composed a hate poem that is fast circulating among members of the public.

He said the poem is intended to cause animosity, hostility and violence among different communities living in Garissa County.

Mr Khator said though they are yet to get the raw contents of the poem, they suspect it could be out there spreading fast among unsuspecting members of the public.

“We have got information that a hate poem is circulating and we are looking for the suspect,” he said.


November 2013, two different similar audio recorded hate and abusive poems, from two clans in the county circulated and police said they had identified three people, two men and one woman, who had composed the said poems.

“We studied the raw content of the poem composed last year, we translated it and we found out that its purpose was to cause tension among residents and that was when we decided to take action,” Mr Khator told

One of the three, he said, has since recorded a statement with the police while others are still on the run and are reported to have moved from Garissa.

The County police boss warned anyone who intends to compose hate poems with the aim of causing hostility among different clans living in the county that they will be dealt with by the full force of the law.

“If we catch up with you composing a hate poem or even reading or listening to it, we will charge you in a court of law,” he said.


Meanwhile, security in the entire Garissa County has been beefed up following the twin attacks in Mombasa on Sunday night.

Mr Khator said police have increased patrols in various installations that might be possible targets of the Al-Shabab.

He said cooperation between the police members of the public has restored security in the county that has been the target of similar attacks in the recent past.

“Security is for everyone. We urge members of the public to provide information to us so that we flash out enemies from among ourselves,” he said.


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