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Police arrest two medical students suspected to have links with ISIS in Malindi.

By NJ Correspondent

Mohamed Shukri-nepjournal

Suspected ISIS member and medical student Mohamed Shukri arrested in Malindi on Sunday August 28, 2016. Photo/courtesy.

Two medical students who were suspected to have links with the ISIS terror group fighting in Syria and Iraq have been arrested by Mombasa and Nairobi anti-terror police on Sunday in a joint operation.

The two medical students Abdulrazak Abdinoor and Mohamed Shukri who were attached to Malindi sub-county hospital as interns were suspected to be part of the latest batch of University students radicalized to join the terror group fighting in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Abdulrazak Abdinoor-nepjournal

Suspected ISIS member and medical student Abdulrazak Abdinoor arrested in Malindi on Sunday August 28, 2016. Photo/courtesy.

The two suspects who are from Mandera joined Saratov University in Russia after benefited from a government scholarship program to study medicine. The duo were living together at the time of their arrest.

Earlier investigations revealed that Shukri was part of an ISIS recruitment network that was discovered by Police. He was suspected working on plans of using Anthrax to launch terror attacks in the Country.

Both Abdinoor and Shukri were allegedly reported to have the intention to relocate to Puntland State of Somalia which was a gateway to join ISIS cells operating in Somalia.

The suspects were planning to acquire fake travel documents to facilitate their relocation to Puntland-Somalia.

Police acted on a joint operation after they intercepted communication indicating that they were traveling to join ISIS.

The two suspects were linked to Mohammed Abdi Ali another medical intern, who was arrested in May 2016 after he was suspected to have a wide network of links to terror groups in both local and international regions.

The suspects were flown to Nairobi for further investigations and interrogations on Monday.

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