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The pitiable conditions of roads to Garissa

The roads to Garissa have been nothing but wanting. The situation of the roads has currently worsened due to the incessant rainfall experienced in the area.  Passengers have been forced to sometimes alight from their buses or cars and walk after the vehicles get stuck.

A passenger who was in a bus that got stuck for a whole day raised concerns on the security of the roads as well. He said it is risky to be stuck on a road where Al-Shabaab attacks have been rampant. He claimed that if the militants were to attack them, half of the passengers will be killed as they are non- locals. The Somalia based militia has in the past attacked buses plying the Mandera route mostly targeting non-locals.

The police have also said that they are not able to guarantee safety to the passengers.

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Facebook user Miraj Narmi Ci-yah  said “Politics of tribes is the reason of that suffering we see in now. Go to other parts of kenya and see the difference. About 50kms only in the entire NEP roads’ are tarmacked. Those you vote on clan based politics only sit back and enjoy in office knowing they will be backed by their clan elders for little money. Continue voting on clan based ideology and reap what you sow”

Another user Omar Sadeeq had a different opinion saying “Northeastern people need to wake up from their long sleep and please don’t blame your government but blame yourselves for voting and electing useless and individualist candidates over the candidates could have made this county and its people developed & cherish. People benefit from what they harvested if you harvested Mold Seeds, don’t expect a great taste”

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