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I am passionate about Water provision says Chief Officer nominee

By Ismail Noor:

Wajir County Department of Water Nominee Mr. Yussuf Dayib has said he is well placed to serve area residents in the provision of the precious commodity in the region which receives less rainfall annually.

The 38-year-old Dayib who has worked at the Kenya Bureau of Standards said he is passionate about service delivery especially for Water Department having been brought up in the Water strapped area of Tarbaj town which to date grapples with water scarcity despite countless boreholes drilling attempts that yielded no fruits.

“There are over 400 settlements in Wajir County with over 157 of them depending on water trucking. It’s time we engage in new innovative methods like investing heavily on mega piping projects from boreholes with ample yield and water harvesting projects for it to be sustainable”, Yussuf Said.

Answering queries from the Adhoc committee of Wajir County assembly during a vetting exercise this week regarding how he will solve Wajir town’s drying water wells, Yussuf said with the help of County Governor Amb. Mohammed Abdi and the entire Wajir leadership, he will undertake protection and restoration of the six water towers that recharge the aquifer that is now damaged or blocked by human activities which has disrupted the natural water drainage system.

Yussuf who has the toughest job in Wajir County will work hand in hand with former Deputy Governor Abdihafid Yarow who will be the CEC for Water.

So far, the Adhoc committee has vetted over eight chief officers and intends to see through the remaining 25 chief officers in the stipulated 3 days scheduled to kick-start service delivery.

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