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Open letter to Hon. Duale: Please accept votes alone can either keep or send you home

By Dahir Abdullahi

Garissa Youth movement-nepjournal

A Section of Garissa youths carry anti-tribalism slogans after a past sensitization exercise in the county.

Dear Hon. Aden Duale, I hope this letter reaches you in good health and Iman.

Sir, I would like to address you on a number of disturbing issues that you have raised, groomed and which are manifestly evident in your political activities in the pursuit of your political ambitions.

I have been your die-hard supporter for the last decade not on grounds of shared loyalty or blood ties but rather on your record as true leader who cherished his people. You completely changed since the inception of the County Government of Garissa that is refereed by another indigenous force but which you unfortunately labelled as ‘migrants and occupiers.’ This is exactly where the rain started beating you. Your style and basis of leadership have been corrupted by people within the inner-circle of your administration some of them very close relatives to you.

I strongly agree with you that the County Government failed to meet the expectation of many of us including your constituents and your reply has always been purely hatred and incitement. If you noted inefficiency in the CG, it was only wise that you push for different and alternative solutions, some of which you can address squarely.

No one dispute that you improved the lives of many Garissa people from providing shade to mothers who sell milk to sponsoring children from needy background. In terms of performance, I don’t need to dwell much on it. Your development record and truck remains a beacon in Garissa and no Member of Parliament matches you in terms of empowering people and improving social amenities.

I was therefore expecting you to campaign on the basis of this performance and never accept to be roughly dragged on establishing Garissa’s town ownership. No one elected you to find X because X has always been a problem from the early days of my primary education. Garissa is among the 47 counties in Kenya, headquarter of the former North Eastern Province and former NFD districts. Any Kenyan can claim a stake in Garissa, buy a plot and build a house of their choice in any neighborhood and still go ahead and contest for Governors’ seat. You can confirm that with Moses Kuria.

Today you are no longer a third substitute to many residents in Garissa, take this completely for free and if you need a diagram to understand this, allow me to finish the drawing in few months’ time. I have been following the Garissa township politics for the last 2 years since Hon. Farah Maalim declared his interest to vie for the Garissa township seat. This man has capitalized on your recklessness both by words and actions. He has no any other advantage over you and believe me this irreversible damage will cost you dearly.

I am not basing my assumptions on the recent poll conducted by controversial jubilee lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi on his twitter handle and participated by over 4,205 people in which you were trailing the winner Hon. Farah by 18% votes. Hon. Jofle had 14% in this poll as well.

Whereas there’s nothing wrong with a dream or ambition, it becomes a deadly nightmare and a national tragedy when attainment of a personal power ambition is tied to the destiny of Garissa township seat. Sometimes late last year, you said that it’s not easy to win Garissa township seat and added many mothers will weep, a statement that adds to many reckless ones you made before. You didn’t only demonstrate solidarity with such genocidal statement; you have since given this threat a seal of approval in subsequent political rallies and interviews.

Sir, may I remind you that there comes a time when Garissa is bigger than any individual regardless of which corner in Garissa your umbilical cord is buried. On the contrary, you have continued to torment the people of this great County with threats of violence and as they say ‘if you don’t get your way, it is the highway’. Please accept votes alone can either keep or send you home and no amounts of either hand grenades or nuclear war heads can do so. You don’t need to create hatred and disunity among communities that had fought wars before ruthlessly, orphaned and widowed many innocent families.

Today, no community is better positioned to carry the day with violence because we had enough of it. To understand what I mean better, please talk to grieving families in Dujis location and Alinjugur, they will tell you better what I mean by unnecessary clan conflicts.

They say that history repeats itself, or at time it rhymes. This has always been my biggest fear. We are seeing you NOT ready to heed the poll result come August 2017. When this happens, you are not only leaving us to decide as voters because we cannot line up again in the scorching sun to vote, but go for each other’s throat.

Garissa is already bleeding and shedding tears from recent attacks.  Garissa had enough share of numerous attacks by the Al Shabaab militants, curfews and subsequent draconian anti-terrorism bill which was explicitly working against the freedom and rights of your own people and the Muslims at large. Many of your Muslim constituents have continued to disappear and since then, this became the norm and innocent Garissians have suffered in the name of mistaken identity and the whereabouts of many still missing remains a mystery.

Last but certainly not the least, my message to fellow Garissa township constituents, please let’s exercise our rights as voters and not allow politicians who are already putting their selfish interests ahead to divide us along ethnic lines.

Dahir Abdullahi is an ordinary Dadaab-ian. He can be reached at for comments. Follow him @RacepDahir

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