One dead in Mandera attack as wave of violence hits border County

By NepJournal October 18, 2016 12:38

One dead in Mandera attack as wave of violence hits border County

By Nep Journal Correspondent:


One person was killed on Monday night as police attached to Governor Ali Roba engaged gunmen in Mandera Town following an attempted attack on their vehicle.

The man, a watchman at a local primary school, was hit by a stray bullet as the police exchanged fire with the militants clad in women dress.

Reports indicate the gunmen dressed as women waylaid the officers at Bula mpya leading to a shoot-out.

Police have since launched an operation to pursue the attackers believed to have escaped towards the Kenya-Somalia border.

Residents reported hearing gunshots and explosions in the latest attack.

Mandera has seen a wave of violence as a section of the local community opposed to a decision by their elders went for each other’s throat.

Several people were injured on Sunday after differing over a declaration in Takaba by the Garre Council of elders that fronted their preferred candidates including former PC Hassan Noor Hassan who got the nod for the County top job in favor of incumbent Ali Roba.

Two people were also killed in Wargadud and Simbir Fatuma respectively.

NAMLEF Chairman Abdullahi Haji recorded a statement with the police in Mandera over threats to his life.

Abdullahi is a stern critic and opposer of the verdict by the Garre Council of elders which barred the incumbent governor, senator, four MPs and 18 members of County Assembly in Mandera’s negotiated democracy.

The decision has split the family in the middle with Governor Ali Roba standing his grounds and vowing to seek re-election despite the elders’ verdict.

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By NepJournal October 18, 2016 12:38

Photo of the day!

Marching in solidarity with Mogadishu attack victims in Nariobi.

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