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    Nursery pupils fall prey to police tear gas in demos

By Isaac Kiti

About 20 nursery school pupils have been rushed to a Kisumu hospital after getting caught up and hit in anti-IEBC demonstrations. According to their teachers, anti-riot police sprayed teargas at the childrens classroom at Mount Carmel Academy in Nyalenda on Friday. Police officers unleashed the harmful gas on the minors as they contained Nasa supporters outside the school.

Ms Pauline Ogosa, a teacher at the school, said the police attacked at the children of below two years as they were resting. The kids were asleep. “The children cried uncontrollably while others looked almost unconscious due to the effect of the gas and the water,” Ms Ogasa said.

Red Cross workers gave the minors first Aid before taking them to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Referral Hospital. Nyanya regional police boss Leonard Katana said he was not aware of the attack on the pupils. This is a second incident barely two weeks after pupils of St Peter Awich Kodingo ECDE in the very Nyalenda were tear-gassed by police. Kenya Police Service is on the limelight for allegations of brutality, continuing killings of Nasa demonstrators against the IEBC.


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