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We are not sincere to each other. Let this be the last.

By Billow Hassan Abdi:

Before I begin, let me take this opportunity to pass my sincere condolence to those who lost loved ones. Every soul shall taste death, at one time every one of us will all die. May Allah make it easy for you.

Secondly, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the republic of Turkey at large and specifically to his Excellency president Reccep Tayyib Erdogan for the quick response. You exceptionally stood by Somalia on this horrific week. Certainly, Allah will stand by you and our Turkey brothers and sisters on the last day. In sha Allah.

This is not the first time you and your government extended kindness to Somalis and Somalia. However, it is one of its kind. Only Allah knows the best way to reward someone who truly believes in Allah, His prophet Kheirul Khalqilah Mohamed Bin Abdullahi (S.A.W) and the last day.

President Erdogan is the only Muslim president who understands the pain Muslims are going through in today’s world. He stood by many Muslims in need. Thank you so much dear President Erdogan.

Thirdly, I would like to also express my sincere appreciation to the government and people of Somalia lead by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and the Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre for wonderful courage, bravery and response you provided to the affected people. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulation!

Fourthly, I would like to be grateful to all the other countries such as Djibouti that have shown solidarity with the Federal Government of Somalia at such hard times. Please continue streaming your support. This is the right time to provide help and charity.

Back to my piece, I cannot describe what we witnessed in Mogadishu on Saturday afternoon as terror attack. It was not. Instead, I will call it a massacre. Indeed a massacre. In addition, if those behind it have similar missions on their roster and they get a similar opportunity then there is no doubt that we may be forced to forget about Somalia! It is going to be hard to experience.

How did it happen is the question lingering on the mind of those like me whose thoughts could not come to terms with the deadliest attack in the horn of Africa.

Keep aside the motive behind the horrific incident. My unconvinced mindset rests on how they got un-noticed, at least, by the society. How did they get to drive to such a busy urban area? Where were the explosives assembled without being discovered?

For sure, someone had enough knowledge of a developing plan even in its infantry stage possibly some months ago. More so, the number of those who were knowledgeable of the mission either in the country or in abroad would increase day by day.

However, because of their hypocrisy, they opted to enable the designers proceed. Such people had a great opportunity of subverting the massacre of close to half a million people and destruction of a million of lives and assets.

Little did they know that their stand overlooked the fact that the successful implementation of such high impact terror project opens doors of subsequent executions and great experience for its masterminds.

Have they forgotten that the political environment of the Somalia has been worrying in the recent weeks following signs of full-blown recovery of the country?

Based on the scale of impact, most likely, it has taken them not less than four months to strategies effectively and they really did invest massively in it. In addition, they did not mean to waste such effort and resources.

Who knows, maybe it was an exploration attack which could mean change of strategy, more deaths, loss of property and demoralization to the entire community. God forbid.

To say the fact, there is no way Somalia government will be able to defeat outspoken and disguised terror groups without public support. Somalis in South and Central Somalia need to mean their support claims for their government especially its security agents.

There is immediate need of genuine work relation between the two. Somalis should accept that there is no one who will help them re-establish their country besides themselves. Foreigners like AMISOM cannot differentiate you from terrorist.

We Somalis are we fair to ourselves, to our people and to our country when we provide shelter, water, food and protection to terrorist and then we expect the government to defeat them! No way…No…No. It cannot work like that.

We have only two options: Work with the legitimate security departments, promote de-radicalization campaigns by the federal government, motivate and inspire our security agents, flush out terrorist ourselves from their hideouts or live in a sustainable fear or similar terror attacks. Period!

Please let us be sincere to each other. Let us tell the truth, let us fight terrorist together with utmost honesty. Otherwise, we will lose rightful ownership of Somalia.

Billow Hassan Abdi is the founder and Managing Director of CentRep Ltd and a Food Security and Social Development Researcher. He is also a regular contributor of Nep journal. You can reach him on or visit their site


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