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“I am not scared,”Governor Ali Roba warns Mandera Assembly

The political stalemate in Mandera is far from over after Governor Ali Roba swore to take back for vetting and approval a list of ten executive nominees declined yesterday by the assembly.

Governor Roba, chosen on a Jubilee Party ticket, blamed the Economic Freedom Party (EFP) leadership of witch hunt, leading to the rejection of the executive nominees.

“I am conscious of what they (EFP) are after and this was a prearranged position which is on record and in public domain that they promised to drop all CECs that will be presented by the governor even before the list was presented to the assembly,” he claimed.

Mr. Roba said EFP is penalizing him for disobeying the so called “negotiated democracy” by the Gurreh Council of Elders.

Mr. Roba wants the EFP members to bring to an end political hostility and focus on service delivery to the citizens. Mr. Roba argued that guiding principles on the inspection process are obvious and they must be followed to the letter but the committee disregarded them.

“They don’t recognize the law on appointments and I call on the speaker to make sure his team is appropriately trained on this in playing their role,” he said. He said the committee on appointments chaired by Mr. Mohamed Khalif frightened his nominees and even took the responsibility of investigators.

He said the Thursday incident was well-crafted and deliberate when the EFP MCAs walked out on him when he was at the assembly for formal official opening in September.

“When their MCAs walked out on me at the assembly they went ahead to vow that they will [decline] my CEC nominees before I even presented the list,” he said.

The Mandera governor challenged EFP to recognize that elections are over, adding that he is ready for productive engagement. Mr. Roba said in spite of his list being rejected, there was no space in his ten member cabinet.

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