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In Northern Kenya: Our leaders should Know, Raila is beacon of hope in the sea of tyranny.

Our Leaders From northern Kenya should not blackmail the electorate’s, the presidents and the Kenyans for taking bunch of Innocent people to state house signaling political support to the ruling elites of the country.

They must know what kind of president we are looking for. They must not forget the numerous atrocities committed against the patrol communities in this region. They must have forgeted the Renown massacres committed by different successive regimes since Kenyans independence.

And those who have gluttonous took false political oath in front of the head of state yesterday at state house must remember, and come up with a different strategy for them to convince those parents whose children, breadwinners and relatives were taken and butchered by the poachers of men, others ruthlessly murdered and taken to a darkly grave that goes beyond human reservation.  They should have a plan to payback the blood spilled over the entire northern zone.

I will guide them what kind of president are we look for, this might help and give you some political spices as we go and look forward appointing Kenyan’s next commander in Chief of armed forces.

Please Be aware that, The Youthful generation from Northern Kenya want a president who speaks hope to our hopeless youths. A president who reminds them that it’s okay to try and fail. A president who has walked the path of betrayal, has tried and lost. A president who believes in the power of hard work. One that believes in waking up, dusting yourself and moving on.

We want a president that reminds Kenyans and more so the youths that hard work may not pay instantly, but it will eventually do. I am for a president who puts Kenya to its glory. Kenya is a hardworking country. A president that reminds us young people that success and riches cannot only be achieved through corruption, nepotism and tribalism but by hard work, focus and investing your all in a course.

A president that every Kenyan connects to. A president who emits hope to every hardworking Kenyan out there. A president whose journey, struggles and pains work towards encouraging the many. A president who speaks that success is not age bound. No matter your age, if you invest in it, it will surely come to pass.

We want a president who teaches our inter-tribal kids that they will not be judged by their names, or tribe but by the content of their character. we want a presidency that reminds Kenyans that it does no matter who the president is, you will have to wake up and work very hard if life has to reward you. A presidency that speaks that nothing is free in this life.

We want a president who understands that sometimes you have to be the sacrificial lamb. You have to stand between a people and pain. A president that believes in putting his life forward for a better country. For a people. Giving your all and all there is to give for a nation. For a Kenya. For a greater Kenya. We want a president who reminds us that we do not have to remember we have a president. That person is none other than Raila Amolo Odinga.

Raila, the man who gave up his victory to Kibaki for the sake of peace, is termed as power hungry while the ones who rig elections, kill and maim your children in the name of fighting terror related activities are celebrated, and again prepare the police for the worst.

My Leaders from the northern Kenya should not sound hypocritical, and understand the need as well the plight of your electorates.  Choose Your rights, the rights of your people, towards the right political destination inside their own Country.


Yussuf Ali Korow~ The Writer is a

Peace and conflict Monitor, For IGad”s Cewarn units.

Garissa county.


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