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North Eastern vows to fight radicalization, stamp out Al-Shabaab.

By Suleiman Hassan

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North Eastern residents attending the meeting held at a Garissa hotel

Political leaders from the three North Eastern Kenya counties of Garissa, Wajir and Mandera have been holed up in a meeting with Garissa residents for the last two days to discuss how best to fight terrorism in the region.

The leaders engaged the youth, women, traditional and religious leaders from Garissa and are scheduled to hold similar meetings in the other two counties of Wajir and Mandera.

They vowed to embark on de-radicalization campaigns across the region.

“The youth, the women and the religious leaders have spoken in one voice, we are Peace loving Kenyans ready to protect our Country from terrorist whose main aim is to divide us and create enmity between Kenyans. We must defeat them” said Balambala M.P. Abdikadir Aden

His sentiments were echoed by Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow who said that area residents must not only speak out but also develop specific mechanisms for combating terrorism in their midst.

The meeting comes at a time when the leaders have embarked on a series of initiatives aimed at dismantling terror cells in the region.

They have assured the government that they will name sympathizers and financiers in the region and have already handed over a cheque of 15M to the affected families.

The government has however released a list of 86 entities including businessmen, transport and hospitality companies among others.

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