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North eastern leaders submit to the government recommendations to curb terrorism

By Hamza Yare

duale joins traditional dancers in Garissa-nepjournal

Majority leader Aden Duale joins traditional dances when he launched Uwezo fund in his constituency on Saturday, May 23, 2015

Leaders from the North eastern region have submitted their recommendation to the government after they promised to compile a list of radicalized youth and sympathizers of Al-Shabaab following the April 2 Garissa university college attack.

Up to 150 youth have reportedly joined the Somali militants according to the report, local media reported.

According to recommendations contained in the report, the leaders want the Supreme council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) and the council of imams mandated to audit all mosques and madrassas in the country in order to get the identity of imams and muadins of each mosque and establish the number of students and teachers at the learning centers.

They also want all taxi vehicles registered afresh and marked with a single yellow strip while drivers of the same vehicles will be required to put on uniforms at all times.

All hotels will be registered afresh and required to provide weekly reports of guest lists to security organs.

The leaders also want KDF to take over security operations along the Kenya – Somali border in Mandera which was currently under the custody of Ethiopian forces.

An anti-radicalization international conference is set to be held next month attended by scholars from Jordan, Egypt and Europe.

Garissa Township MP and Majority leader Aden Duale who is the chairman of the region’s political leaders is on record of having said that they will share the list with only the government meaning it will not be made public.


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